Rules & Regulations

The following rules apply to Friday night CYO parties and private parties per the house committee.

a. Members are required to submit typed or hand written legible guest
lists when inviting 20 or more guests.  The list must be in alphabetical
order and include the name of the member and their membership

b. The maximum number of guests per member is the capacity of the
space being rented. The gift room (alcove) can hold up to 40 people,
the ladies bar up to 80 and stage area up to 40. Guest lists must be
submitted to the office NLT close of business Thursday. Changes will
not be accepted after the list is submitted.

c. Each member may only sponsor 20 guests. For example if 60 guests
are invited 3 members will need to be present to escort the guests.

d. Guests must present a valid form of ID such as a driver’s license or
state issued ID card when appearing at the door for admission.
Guests without a valid ID will not be permitted.

e. Greeters will prepare 2 cordoned lines for entrance. One line will be
for members only. The other will be for guests of members. Greeters
will place signage outside the front door to direct traffic.

f. Members must present their membership card to office personnel
when submitting lists to ensure they are in good standing.

g. Members must be at the front entry to receive guests.

The following rule applies to Members who escort guest for any function.

Elks Lodge 1538 is private organization. Members may sign in guests to most functions except those designated as for members only, such as lodge night and others. Guests must stay with a member at all times and must leave the facility when the sponsoring member leaves. Members are responsible for the conduct of guests. Inappropriate behavior by any guest will reflect on the member who is subject to disciplinary action for guest actions.