1538 Wins District Ritual Competition (updated)

Our amazing Lodge 1538 Officers won the West Central Coast Elks District 1240 Ritual Competition on May 5 in Lompoc, entitling them to compete at the CHEA Convention in Palm Springs in the State-level competition. We send our officers to Palm Springs with our thoughts and prayers for success. Congratulations to all our Lodge Officers who won Second Place in their individual competitions; and to Louie Torres, Jr., who won First Place Lecturing Knight. Your Elks are incredibly proud of the commitment to excellence exemplified by our Officers!

Update: During the state convention in Palm Springs the Officers of Santa Maria Elks Lodge #1538 competed in the state ritual competition on Thursday May 25th. Despite a good performance by Santa Maria with a very high score of 97.0619 out of 100, we did not make the cut for the Final 4 Competition held the next day. However our Lodge Inner Guard Jami Sherrer and Esteemed Lecturing Knight Louie Torres both received First Place All State Honors!


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