Dress Code


Elks Lodge 1538 is a flagship among Elk Lodges and not just another “Bar or Club.” As such we have a Dress Code. Most times it is casual and allows more casual wear: Long shorts, like Bermuda and cargo style shorts are acceptable after 6:00 pm – except Thursday Lodge Night.

  • Please no mid-thigh, cutoffs, short-shorts, or torn/frayed wear.
  • Please wear all pants at your waist, not below! And no “Plumber Pants!”
  • No Sweat Suits or Beach Apparel – No Flip Flops (rubber style shower shoes) – Sandals okay
  • For Ladies: No Inappropriate tops – No dresses shorter than mid thigh
  • For Men: No muscle shirts – No T-shirts or caps with vulgar or inappropriate slogans – No gang attire. Gentleman, wear pants at the waist, not below! Hats should be worn properly, not backwards or sideways, and please remove hats when sitting at the table to eat.

Our Greeters, Staff, and Officers do not wish to embarrass or upset any Member or guest, so please do not put them in that position. We will ask you to leave to change. Members, remind your guests that you are responsible for them!

Remember: All persons attending Friday Night CYO must be over 21 years of age.

These rules will be updated as needed and are at the discretion of the Greeters, Staff, or Officer in Charge the day of the event.