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Santa Maria Elks 1538 Photo Committee


Date Event Photog1 Photog2
08/03 Lodge 7:30pm  Manny
08/09 Elks Rec Appreciation Dinner 6:00pm  Patty  Sandy
08/10 Lodge, Balloting 7:30pm  Alx
08/17 Lodge 7:30pm  Manny
08/20 Lodge Workers Appreciation Dinner 5:00pm
08/24 Lodge, Initiation 6:30pm  Alx
08/26 Joe White Memorial Dinner 5:30pm
08/27 Comedy Machine 5:30pm  Louie
08/31 Lodge 7:30pm  Manny
Date Event Photog1 Photog2
07/06 Lodge 7:30pm Manny
07/08 Bike Giveaway 12pm Louie
07/13 Lodge 7:30pm Manny
07/20 Lodge 7:30pm  Sandy
07/27 Lodge 7:30pm Alx
07/30 ER Homecoming Louie
Date Event Photog1 Photog2
06/01 Minetti Mini Rodeo 10am EC AlxJohn MannyKim
Golden Circle of Champions 3-5pm EC PattyJohn MannySandy
1st Champions Challenge 7pm EC Guillermo John
Rodeo Dance 9pm EC Guillermo
Parking Guillermo
Elk Officers Area Guillermo
 06/02 Joni Gray’s Barn Party 4pm EC MannyJohn  PattyRon
Sponsor VIP Tour 5:30pm EC Guillermo JeanneJohn
2nd PRCA Performance 7pm EC JohnRon  Manny
Rodeo Dance 9pm EC Patty
Camping John Jose
VIP Tents John Sandy
Cowboys Kickin’ Cancer 1-5pm EC John Art
 06/03 Rodeo Parade 9am S. Broadway MannyJohn Guillermo
Cowboys Kickin’ Cancer 1-5pm EC John Art
3rd PRCA Performance 6pm EC Art John
Rodeo Dance 8pm EC John Art
Camp Buckaroo Art
Membership Drives Area Art
 06/04 Cowboy Church with Coy Hoffman 10am EC MannyJohn Patty
4th PRCA Performance 2pm EC ArtPatty John
Mariachis & Margaritas following Rodeo EC Jeanne
Post Rodeo Party 6pm PlaceTBD Manny
06/07 LittleLeague 5pm @SimasPark Manny Louie
06/07 Antlers 6pm Sandy
06/08 Lodge/VP Jay Dupler 5:00 pm Alx Louie
06/09 DARE Graduation 9:00am Alx
06/10 LittleLeague 9:30am@JoeNightengale Manny Guillermo
06/10 LittleLeague 1:30pm @Simas Park Manny
06/10 Santa Ynez Parade 10:30am Sandy
06/11 Flag Day Ceremony 2pm Manny Sandy
06/12 LittleLeague 5pm@Orcutt Academy High Art
06/15 Lodge Balloting 7:30pm Alx
06/18 Fathers Day Brunch 9am-Noon Guillermo Alx
06/21 Golf Donation time tbd (Hank Rickett) Louie
06/22 Lodge 7:30pm Manny
06/24 Pancake Breakfast 8-10:30am Art
06/24 Car Show 10am – 3pm Art
06/29 Lodge Initiation 7:30pm Patty Sandy
Prior  Event Photog1 Photog2
05/03 Citizen/Student OTY 6 pm Sandy Art
05/04 Lodge 7:30 pm Alx
05/06 Ritual Awards Dinner 6 pm Lompoc Louie
05/11 Lodge Initiation 6:30 pm Patty Manny
05/14 Mothers Day Brunch 9 am Alx
05/18 Convention Palm Springs 5/18-20 Kim
05/19 Minetti MiniRodeo Golf Tourney 10 am Manny Ron
05/19 Minetti Mini Rodeo Eagles Fundraiser 5 pm Manny Sandy
05/20 Beard-a-Reno Dinner 5:30 pm John
05/25 Lodge 7:30 pm Manny
05/29 Memorial Service @Event Center 1pm Alx Manny
05/30 Grand Lodge Welcome Reception 11 am Lodge Kim
05/30 Media Clown School 4 pm Alx
05/31 Media Meet/Greet SM Chrysler 5pm Sandy
NOTE: Next Meeting Jul 11, 2017 @  7:00 PM
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