Elks Lodge 1538 is a proud member of CHEA or the California-Hawaii Elks Association. One of a Lodge’s commitments is to participate in CHEA’s Major Project. With 171 lodges in 19 Districts (including the Islands of Guam and the Philippines), and roots back to 1868, CHEA’s Purple Pig is the fundraising arm that serves disabled children, veterans, and youth in a wide range of activities. Member Lodges are encouraged to fill their Purple Pig regularly, with funds being submitted to CHEA; new Elks receive their Purple Pig at initiation!

This year once
again partnering with Chili’s Restaurants on Tuesday, January

Chili’s  Major Project Fudraiser

16, 2018. Chili’s Give-Back, a Major Project Fundraiser event, will donate 15% of the price of a meal to our Major Project. Last year’s event raised $5,415, Let’s beat that this year!


To donate online directly to CHEA, click this secure link. At Lodge 1538, members who commit a “faux pax” (such as a gentleman not holding a door open for his lady) have to contribute to the Lodge’s Purple Pig… and although they learn quickly, it seems members don’t mind making contributions to that Pig! Visit the CHEA site here: