2019 Ritual Awards Banquet

Hosting of the ritual contest only happens every 12 years for a lodge. This year is your chance to support our lodge officers in a ritual competition. The ritual competition is open only to members. However, the awards banquet is open to anyone.
Come and join us to see who wins!!

Additional Details:
Ritual Competition

  • Seven lodges will compete on Saturday starting at 0800.
  • Santa Maria is on first on Friday.
  • Members only with current membership card.
  • No one admitted after the competition begins.

Awards Banquet

  • The banquet dinner is open to all.
  • Cocktails 5:00 PM & Dinner 6:00 PM
  • Cost $22. RSVP by April 26.


Hello, fellow Elks just a quick note to let you know that Adopt-A-Highway is scheduled every third Saturday of the month, weather permitting. We like to get started by 8:00 AM work for about 2 – 2 1/5 hours and then come back to the lodge to access our progress and enjoy some pizza and beverages.

Should you need additional information or would like to join us, do not hesitate to call me at (805) 698-7524

Alx Sanchez

Elks Officers Inaugural Ball

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Installation of Officers: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Receiving Line & Appetizers (Happy Hour): 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Dinner: 7:00 PM
Dancing to Unfinished Business: 8:00 PM
The bar will close at 4:30 PM to all without an Inaugural Ball ticket!

Shrimp Cocktail, Rib-eye, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Gourmet Salad, Sonoma Vegetables, Rolls, and Chocolate Eclairs.

Cost: $40.00 per ticket reservations are a must.
Available: March 1st in the Elks Office

Hawaiian Luau & Monte Carlo Night

Saturday, February 9, 2019

No host bar 6:00 pm | Dinner 7:00 pm | games 8:00 pm

Kalua Pork – teriyaki Chicken – Fried Rice -Fruit
$25 per person, includes dinner and fun money OR $10 per person, games only

Aloha Wear Dress:
Hawaiian shirts, leis, shorts, mumus, fip flops, (rubbah slippahs)

Super Bowl Party 2018

Thanks to all 200+ of you who came out to watch the game! The food was plentiful and very good, so if you left hungry it wasn’t our fault. Our Master of Ceremonies was Keith Barks (Best Voiceon the Mic). Thank you as well to our bartenders and cocktail
waitresses who came in on a Sunday to work the bar. To all who assisted in making this day happen, we could not have done it without your commitment.
Mike Boling, Party Chairman
Once again it is time for the Super Bowl Party on February 4, 2018. It will be a pot-luck feast, so bring your favorite dish. There will be power provided for your electrical appliances, and a lot of room for anything else. You can bring sandwiches, chips, dips, desserts, or main dishes. It all works.
Starting time is at 12:00 noon–game starts at 3:00 p.m. There will be door prizes, raffles, and bar specials.
For questions, please call Mike or Sharon Boling at 805-922-6787.
(21 and older only please!)

Student of the Month

Students of the Month 2017 -2018

October 2017
Cassi Colangelo, Ernest Righetti
Aaron Lee, Ernest Righetti

November 2017
Michaela Freebourn, Orcutt Academy, Student of Year
Kush Patel, Ernest Righetti, Student of Year

December 2017
Erica Cervantes, Pioneer Valley
Ji-Soo Park, Ernest Righetti

January 2018
Clarielisa Cacho Ocampo, Pioneer Valley
Nhung (Katryna) Vong, Santa Maria

February 2018
Aubrie Payne, Orcutt Academy
Joon Ho Chang, Ernest Righetti

March 2018
Angie Ho, Ernest Righetti
Samantha Santana, St. Joseph

April 2018
Keona Pablo, Orcutt Academy
Lorenzo Papworth, Orcutt Academy

May 2018
Elvis Gonzales, Delta High School
Bryce Smith, Delta High School

 ******************************************* (**) *******************************************

Criteria for SM Elks Student of the Month and Year, 2018 – 2019

Student of Month provides an opportunity for local high school seniors to apply for one of fourteen local scholarships offered by the Santa Maria Elks #1538 Lodge. Each year from September to April, seniors fill out a nomination form and submit this application with a resume and photo to the local Elks Lodge Scholarship Committee. These forms and the criteria for acceptance are available from the counselors and/or career technicians at all SM Valley high school sites. The nomination form and the criteria for selection sheet are also both included on this website.

These application packets are due in the #1538 Lodge Office by 4:00 pm on the 15th of each month, Sept. to April. Once collected, the packets are read by three separate readers who serve on the Student of Month committee(SOM), each of whom selects two candidates for scholarships each month. From these selections, the final determination is made and the two finalists for the month are notified. They will be honored at a dinner, with their parents, at a local restaurant. Afterward, we will meet back at the Lodge on N. Bradley where a short ceremony will be held in the Lodge Room where the Exalted Ruler will present them with a check and a certificate of recognition.

All funds for these monthly scholarships are raised locally, much of them by our own Bingo Crew. Each year the first week of May a committee of five judges, who are Lodge members from various professions, review all fourteen packets and select one boy and one girl to represent the entire group as Students of the Year (SOY). At this banquet, all former recipients receive an additional check for $500 – $700 while the two SOY receive $1200 – $1700 and go on for District consideration.

In 2016, the Past Exalted Rulers (PERs) Committee founded a scholarship specifically for Delta High School. Two students, selected by the staff and counselors at the school, will receive $500 to assist them with their schooling and/or training. The PERs raise these funds themselves.

Feel free to email or text me with any questions. And best wishes for your success
Andree (Andy) Licoscos,
Committee Chair

The score for the overall packet total 100 points are distributed as follows:

(40 pts) Community Activities—all volunteer and altruistic work which you perform in the community (other than school, paid employment, and household chores). Be certain to include the service hours! (Remember: Volunteerism is the basis of the Elks’ beliefs.)

(35 pts) School Activities—clubs, sports, and committees. Should include a diverse selection which demonstrates a wide variety of choices on your part. Be certain to include offices, leadership roles, and show how you involved other than membership.

(25 pts) GPA—though academics show effort and commitment, Elks rely on the principle of “volunteerism” and community service, this your grades serve as 25% of your overall score. The committee uses the weighted grade 10 – 12 GPA and looks at the AP/AHC classes taken as well. (Be aware many applicants have a 4.1 – 4.6 GPA but this should not deter anyone: remember the committee values service above all.)

Additional Documents