Photo Committee – Next Meeting: 03/05/19 7:00 P.M.

Santa Maria Elks 1538 Photo Committee

Lodge committees are encouraged to seek photo committee support to “show off” your activities. The committee submits work to the Elks Horn, to the website at website and on Facebook at Please attend our next meeting or submit a request in writing with the office.

02/07/19Lodge, Pin Night7:30 PMRayNick
02/09/19Monte Carlo Night, 6:30 PMRay*****
02/14/19Lodge, Student of the Month, 7:30 PMRay*****
02/21/19Lodge 7:30 PMArt*****
02/28/19Lodge 7:30 PMNick*****
01/03/19Lodge, 7:30 PMRon*****
01/09/19Firefighters Night, 6:30 PMRay*****
01/10/19Lodge – Student of the Month, 7:30 PMRay*****
01/12/19District Hoop Shoot Santa Maria High School 8:30 AM
01/13/19PER Crab Feed  4:00 PM
01/17/19Lodge Initiation, 7:30 PMNickSandy
01/24/19Lodge 7:30 PMPatty*****
01/31/19Lodge 7:30 PMNick*****
12/02/18Memorial Service, Lodge 2:00 PMSandy*****
12/06/18Lodge, 7:30 PMArt*****
12/13/18Student of the Month, Lodge 7:30 PMArt*****
12/16/18Hoop Shoot Edwards Community center 8:30 AM
12/16/18Adult Christmas Party, Lodge 5:00 PM PMSandyRay
12/17/18Hoop Shoot Banquet, Lodge 5:30 PMRonSandy
12/17/18Holiday Basket setup, Lodge 6:00 PMPatty*****
12/19/18Children Christmas Party, Lodge 5:30 PMNickLorena
12/20/18Tom & Jerry Night, Lodge 7:00 PMNickAlx?
12/27/18Lodge 7:30 PMRayAlx?
12/31/18New Years Eve Party, Lodge 6:30 PMPatty*****
11/0/18Golden Circle of Champions – Lodge 5:30 PMArt 
11/08/18Lodge – 7:30 PMPatty 
11/15/18Lodge – Student of Month 7:30 PMAlx 
11/19/18Thanksgiving Baskets 6:00 PMLouie 
11/29/18Lodge – Initiation 7:30 PMSandyArt
10/04/18Lodge – 7:30 PMPatty 
10/11/18Lodge – Initiation 7:30 PMRonSandy
10/18/18Lodge – Stud of Month 7:30 PMPatty 
10/21/18District Soccer Shoot SLO – 9:00 AMRon 
10/24/18Children’s Halloween Party- 5:00 PMPatty 
10/25/18Lodge – 7:30 PMArt 
10/27/18State Soccer Shoot SLO – 9:00 AMRon 
10/27/18Adult Halloween Party- 5:00 PMPatty 
11/01/18Lodge – 7:30 PMArt 
9/5/18Law Enforcement Dinner- 7:00 PMManny 
9/6/18Lodge – 7:30 PMManny 
9/13/18Lodge – 7:30 PMPattyAlx
9/20/18Lodge – 7:30 PMSandy 
9/22/18Soccer Shoot – 9:00 AMRon 
9/23/18Pancake Breakfast- 8:00 AMSandy 
9/23/18Family Day Picnic- 11:00 AMAlx 
9/24/18Soccer Shoot Awards- 6:00 PMRon 
9/27/18Lodge – 7:30 PMArt 
8/9/18Lodge – Balloting 7:30 PMManny 
8/16/18Lodge, 7:30 PMSandy 
8/23/18Workers BBQ, 4:30 PMTBD 
8/23/18Lodge-Initiation, 7:30 PMSandy 
8/30/18Lodge-DDGER Visitation, 4:30 PMRon 
7/05/18Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
7/12/18Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
7/15/18Craft Fair, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM  
7/19/18Lodge, 7:30 PMPatty 
7/22/18Homecoming, TBD  
7/26/18Lodge, 7:30 PMSandy 
8/2/18 Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
6/6/18Little League Game, Tunnel School, 4:45 PMLouie 
6/7/18Lodge, 7:30 PMAlx 
6/9/18Little League Game, Orcutt Academy, 9:15 AMLouie 
6/9/18Little League Game, Tunnel School, 1:15 AMLouie 
6/10/18Flag Day Ceremony, Lodge
2:00 PM
6/11/18Little League Game, Nightingale School, 4:45 AMLouie 
6/14/18Vice President Visitation 4:00 PMSandy 
6/14/18Lodge, Balloting, 7:30 PMSandy 
6/17/18Fathers’ Day Brunch 9-NoonGuillerno 
6/21/18Lodge, 7:30 PMPatty 
6/23/18Pancake & Car Show, 9:45 AMSandyManny
6/28/18Lodge, Initiation, 7:30 PMPattyAlx
5/2/18Citizen and Student of the Year Banquet, 6:30 PM Sandy 
5/3/18Lodge, 7:30 PM Manny 
5/10/18Lodge, Initiation, 7:30 PM Sandy Alx
5/13/18Mother’s Day Brunch 9:00 AM Sandy Alx
5/18/18Kids & Cowboys Golf Tournament 8:00 AMRon 
5/19/18Beard-A-Reno 5:00 PM Patty 
5/24/18Lodge, 7:30 PM Alx 
5/28/18Memorial Day, 1:00 PM Alx 
5/29/18Media Clown School 4:00 PMJohn Z. 
5/30/18Meet & Greet 5:00 PMJohn Z. 
5/31/18Mini Rodeo 10:00 AMJohn Z. 
5/31/18Golden Circle of Champions 4:00 PMSandy 
5/31/181st PRCA Rodeo 5-9 PMAAH All Available Hands
5/31/18Wrangler Champions Challenge Rodeo, 5 -9 PMAAH All Available Hands
6/1/18Joni Gray Memorial Party, 4:00PMJohn Z. 
6/1/182nd PRCA Rodeo 5-9 PMAAH All Available Hands
6/2/18Rodeo Parade, 9:00 AMGuillermo 
4/5/18Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
4/7/18Installation of Officer and Inaugural BallJohn Z & Guillermo Patty
4/12/18Lodge, 7:30 PMSandy 
4/14/18Queen Kick OffPattyGuillermo
4/18/18Veterans BBQ Clinic 9:00AMManny 
4/19/18Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
4/21/18Installation of Antler OfficersSandy 
4/26/18Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
********* ***
03/08Lodge, Officer of the Year, Student of the Month, 7:30 PMAlx 
03/15Lodge 7:30 PMManny 
03/22Lodge, Step-up Initiation,
7:30 PM
03/29Lodge 7:30 PMAlx 
02/08Lodge, Student of the Month, 7:30 PM Art 
02/10Monte Carlo, 5:30PM Louie 
02/15Lodge, Election of Officers, 7:30 PM Alx 
02/22Lodge, 7:30 PM Patty 
02/25Meet & Greet Queens, 9:00 AM John Z. 
03/01Lodge, Service Pin Awards, 7:30 PM John Z. 
01/04Lodge, 7:30 PM Manny 
01/11Lodge, Student of the Month, 7:30 PM Manny 
01/18Lodge, Balloting, 7:30 PMArt 
01/24Firefighters Appreciation Night, 6:30 PMSandy 
01/25Lodge, 7:30 PMArt 
02/01Lodge PER Initiation 7:30PM Sandy 
02/04Super Bowl Party NOON – 3PM Manny 
12/02Bike Giveaway, 9:50 AMSandy 
12/03Memorial Service 2:00 PMManny 
12/07Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
12/14Lodge, Student of the Month 7:30 PMAlx 
12/16Adult Christmas Party, 5 PMGuillermoPatty
12/17Hoop Shoot 9:30 AMRon 
12/18Christmas Baskets 6 PMManny 
12/19Christmas Baskets 8:30 AMManny 
12/20Children Christmas Party, 5:30 PMSandyGuillermo & Patty
12/21Lodge, 7:00 PM Tom & Jerry NightGuillermo Patty
12/28Lodge, 7:30 PMSandy 
12/31New Years Eve, 6:30 PMGuillermo ?
11/09Veterans Night, 6:30 PMManny 
11/09Lodge, Student of the Month 7:30 PMAlx 
11/11MIchael Clayton Veterans BBQ, 10:00 AMLouie 
11/16Lodge Balloting 7:30PMArt 
11/20Holiday Baskets 6:00 PMManny 
11/21Holiday Baskets 7:00 AMManny 
11/30Lodge, Mid Term Convention 7:30PMSandy 
10/05Lodge, 7:30 PMManny 
10/08Super BingoSandy 
10/12Lodge Initiation 7:30PMAlxLouie
10/19Lodge, Student of the Month 7:30 PMArt 
10/25Children Halloween Party 4:00 PMSandy 
10/26Lodge 7:30PMManny 
10/28Adult Halloween Party 11:00 AM; 2:00 PMGuillermoPossible others
11/02Lodge 7:30PMPatty 
09/06Law Enforcement Night 7:30PM Manny 
09/07Lodge 7:30PM Manny 
09/09Soccer Shoot, 9AM Ron Louie
09/14Lodge 7:30PM Art 
09/17Family Day Picnic 11:00AM Art Manny
09/21Lodge, 7:30pm Manny 
09/23Soccer Shoot, Adam Park, 8:30AM Alx 
09/24Los Alamos Parade, 9:00AM Patty? 
09/25Soccer Shoot Awards, 6:00PM Louie 
09/27DDGER Visit, 5:30pm John Z. 
09/28Lodge, Ballotin 7:30pm Art 
08/03Lodge 7:30pm Manny 
08/09Elks Rec Appreciation Dinner 6:00pm Patty Sandy
08/10Lodge, Balloting 7:30pm Alx 
08/17Lodge 7:30pm Manny 
08/20Lodge Workers Appreciation Dinner 5:00pm  
08/24Lodge, Initiation 6:30pm  Alx
08/26Joe White Memorial Dinner 5:30pm  
08/27Comedy Machine 5:30pm  Louie
08/31Lodge 7:30pm Manny 
07/06Lodge 7:30pmManny 
07/08Bike Giveaway 12pmLouie 
07/13Lodge 7:30pmManny 
07/20Lodge 7:30pm Sandy 
07/27Lodge 7:30pmAlx 
07/30ER HomecomingLouie 
06/01Minetti Mini Rodeo 10am ECAlxJohnMannyKim
 Golden Circle of Champions 3-5pm ECPattyJohnMannySandy
 1st Champions Challenge 7pm ECGuillermoJohn
 Rodeo Dance 9pm ECGuillermo 
 Elk Officers AreaGuillermo 
 06/02Joni Gray’s Barn Party 4pm ECMannyJohn PattyRon 
 Sponsor VIP Tour 5:30pm ECGuillermoJeanneJohn
 2nd PRCA Performance 7pm ECJohnRon Manny 
 Rodeo Dance 9pm ECPatty 
 VIP TentsJohnSandy
 Cowboys Kickin’ Cancer 1-5pm ECJohnArt
 06/03Rodeo Parade 9am S. BroadwayMannyJohnGuillermo
 Cowboys Kickin’ Cancer 1-5pm ECJohnArt
 3rd PRCA Performance 6pm ECArtJohn 
 Rodeo Dance 8pm ECJohnArt
 Camp BuckarooArt 
 Membership Drives AreaArt 
 06/04Cowboy Church with Coy Hoffman 10am ECMannyJohnPatty 
 4th PRCA Performance 2pm ECArtPattyJohn 
 Mariachis & Margaritas following Rodeo ECJeanne 
 Post Rodeo Party 6pm PlaceTBDManny 
06/07LittleLeague 5pm @SimasParkMannyLouie
06/07Antlers 6pmSandy 
06/08Lodge/VP Jay Dupler 5:00 pmAlxLouie
06/09DARE Graduation 9:00amAlx 
06/10LittleLeague 9:30am@JoeNightengaleMannyGuillermo
06/10LittleLeague 1:30pm @Simas ParkManny 
06/10Santa Ynez Parade 10:30amSandy 
06/11Flag Day Ceremony 2pmMannySandy
06/12LittleLeague 5pm@Orcutt Academy HighArt 
06/15Lodge Balloting 7:30pmAlx 
06/18Fathers Day Brunch 9am-NoonGuillermoAlx
06/21Golf Donation time tbd (Hank Rickett)Louie 
06/22Lodge 7:30pmManny 
06/24Pancake Breakfast 8-10:30amArt 
06/24Car Show 10am – 3pmArt 
06/29Lodge Initiation 7:30pmPattySandy
Prior EventPhotog1Photog2 
05/03Citizen/Student OTY 6 pmSandyArt
05/04Lodge 7:30 pmAlx 
05/06Ritual Awards Dinner 6 pm LompocLouie 
05/11Lodge Initiation 6:30 pmPattyManny
05/14Mothers Day Brunch 9 amAlx 
05/18Convention Palm Springs 5/18-20Kim 
05/19Minetti MiniRodeo Golf Tourney 10 amMannyRon
05/19Minetti Mini Rodeo Eagles Fundraiser 5 pmMannySandy
05/20Beard-a-Reno Dinner 5:30 pmJohn 
05/25Lodge 7:30 pmManny 
05/29Memorial Service @Event Center 1pmAlxManny
05/30Grand Lodge Welcome Reception 11 am LodgeKim 
05/30Media Clown School 4 pmAlx 
05/31Media Meet/Greet SM Chrysler 5pmSandy